Ken-Mary’s: Snacking on Waroda Road

If you’re walking down Waroda Road, blink and you will probably miss Ken-Mary’s. Your attention would probably be on the colourful, graffiti in Jude Bakery’s shutters. 

Look on the road opposite and you will spot this tiny shop, sandwiched between a bike repair place and a house. There are always people milling about here. Customers breeze in and out, people who’ve given their bikes for repair will come to pass time, schoolkids will come for snacks and in between it all, a neighbour will pop in to say, “Switch off the tap”. The place had a comforting friendliness to the store that started four years back, about the time Jude Bakery shut down. 

Here, you can buy quick, cheap snacks – puffs, croissants, rolls, burgers, Shrewsbury biscuits, kulkuls, milk cream and neuris (during Christmas season). 

Chicken Croissant (Rs 15) has a spicy chicken and onion filling; Chicken Chilly Roll (Rs 30) with its shiny black sesame-crusted coat has a similar filling; Chicken Cheese Puff (Rs 15) has a thick, cheesy centre and Veg Puff (Rs 15) is a mishmash of veggies

The store is run by Cletus Dias, who worked at Café Andora for 18 years before coming here. They also cater parties and weddings. His recommendation is the Sugar Hearts (Rs 55 for quarter kg), a biscuit that will take you back to that sweet childhood snack, little hearts. 

The biscuits are light and flaky and despite the sugar coating,  not too sweet

The Coco Cherry (Rs 50 for quarter kg) is a buttery, nutty biscuit with a sweet bite from the cherry

Peek into their kitchen and you will find trays of soft pao and dinner rolls fresh out of the oven. 

Dinner rolls, hot dog rolls and other bread is available only on order

Sit on one of their worn leather seats and watch the world go by or just admire the beautiful bungalows opposite. If lucky, you may just hear a smattering of Konkani or someone playing the piano nearby.

Ken-Mary’s is located on 56/87-3A, Palm View, Waroda Road, Bandra; open from 7am to 9.30pm; call 9773645741  





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