Short takes: Gulkhand ice cream and a date to remember

I am not a fan of gulkhand, which is why I avoid all variations of paan. The Gulkand Malai Ice Cream (Rs 125) at Butter Chicken Factory (my review, here) in Bandra tasted as good as it looked. The scoop of ice cream was served on a betel leaf and rose petal, and topped with chewy caramelised bits of gulkhand. The ice cream was creamy and had an intense rose petal flavour and aroma that helped us forget its overwhelming sweetness.


The reason I remember that lunch was because of the company. It was a rainy Saturday afternoon and I wasn’t keen on travelling all the way to Bandra to have lunch alone. So, I turned to social media and put out a tweet jokingly asking people to accompany me.

One person responded, Lisa Sadanah, a mother of two better known as the Helmet Girl Bandra (she wears a helmet everywhere to raise awareness about safe driving). She felt bad that I was dining alone and dropped in for company, despite the fact that she had already eaten. We then spent a wonderful two hours swapping stories about our Europe trips – hers with the children, mine with friends; comparing butter chicken places; Mumbai’s foo scene; fitness, and family stories. She was amused to learn I was doing a review and said she felt like a ‘Masterchef judge’ giving me inputs. She was warm and friendly and I loved the fact that she had no qualms about sharing a meal with an absolute stranger.  

Sometimes, it’s not so bad meeting strangers, after all. 


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