Short takes: Harry Potter on my arm

Oh, how I wish!

My love for the fictional character from JK Rowling’s series, I have a small collection of all things related to the world of Harry Potter. My latest acquisition was a book clutch, made by the talented Bharavi Malkani, who upcycles fashion under her label The Creative Box.


She did the cover of my favourite Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and The Order of the Pheonix. I love that book because, in it, Harry actually took charge of his life (Dumbledore’s Army, #ftw). The cover, swathed in an orange glow from the setting sun, shows DA flying on thestrals to go and rescue Sirius Black. The clutch is small but fits my phone, basic make up, money and keys. The detailing in it was lovely and although Harry looks like a girl in it (it’s the lips), that was a minor detail. As a friend said, that could be me! 


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