Street eats: Gofry

This is a Gofry. The snack ties in with the Polish love for all things sweet. It is simply a waffle or a waffle sandwich that is topped with everything sweet possible: think whipped cream, jam, Nutella, fresh fruits. It is sinful and delicious, if you ignore the amount of sugar that’s going in your body. 

I was recommended this snack by my couchsurfing hosts, who even told me precisely where to get it. It was a tiny stall, a hole in a window, at the first turning near  Łazienki Park. My hosts had written down exactly what I should order and so I did – a gofry with whipped cream and every fruit available. I ate every last bite, after carefully removing most of the whipped cream. The pancake was soft and crunchy and combined with the cold whipped cream and fruits made for a tasty and very filling snack.  


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