Salad tales: Kuttari salad

This is a salad. It is no ordinary salad in that there are barely any leaves in it. This makes it a good salad. The Kuttari Salad was part of a coastal menu at Monkey Bar in Bandra. Among the many  dishes I ate that lazy afternoon, this salad was my favourite. It surprised me, too!

The salad is part of Monkey Bar’s daily menu, as Kerala Red Rice Salad 

The salad pays tribute to red rice from Kerala (similar in taste and ability to induce siestas to the Goan red rice). The salad had rice, peanuts, pomegranate seeds and raw mango slivers and was a great mix of flavours and textures – the warmth of the upmensinkai (dried and fried yoghurt chillies), the sweetness of the coconut shavings and the tartness from the mango. Give me a salad like this, or a recipe to make it, and I will happily give up lunch for it. 


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