Cold treats: Scoopalicious

The guava ice cream melted in our mouth in a burst of flavours – sweet, grainy fruit with a touch of salt and spice from the special masala sprinkled on top. It took us back to afternoons spent sitting under a tree, eating (stolen) guavas sprinkled with salt and chilli powder.  



Nostalgia, and this Guava Ice Cream,  comes cheap at the city’s newest ice cream store, Scoopalicious. There’s the decadent Christmas rum cake, strawberry jam cookies eaten at tea time, the kulfis eaten after school as a treat and jeera sharbat eaten on hot summer days. These familiar flavours are plucked right out of our memories and served up as ice cream, in a plastic cup or waffle cone.

Scoopalicious is actually a stall on Hill Road, sparsely decorated with action figurines and masks and fairy lights. It is an extension of Roysten Misquitta’s ice cream food truck of the same name, launched last year.  


It made sense that we drop by on an evening when the city is enjoying an unnaturally cold few days. What’s better than a cold treat on a cold night? We sampled a few of the ice creams available before choosing our favourite. 

The space serves about 35 flavours of ice cream, many of them seasonal. The menu is divided broadly into Out of the box – beetroot, pumpkin pie, black sesame and honey, rum cake; seasonal fresh fruits – coconut, sitaphal, guava and dates; vegan ice creams; and favourites – filter coffee, mocha bourbon, white and dark chocolate blondies and banana caramel. Each scoop is priced between Rs 50 to Rs 60 (scoops), Rs 70 (waffle cones), Rs 230 to Rs 250 (350 ml). 

The Pumpkin Pie, like the dish, was sweet, creamy and had a mild spicy undertone with a sweetness from jaggery. The Caramel Popcorn was on the sweeter side but filled with the toasty flavour from caramel and slight crunch from actual popcorn pieces. The Coconut Ice cream got its richness and sweetness from dessicated coconut. 

The stand out flavours were the unusual ones. Black Sesame and Honey was a combination of a smoky, nutty tinge balanced by the mild sweetness from the honey. It was a beautiful pairing. The Rum Cake was a decadent, boozy scoop that surprised it’s with its intensity; it tasted like a rum ball. Banana Chip had bits of fried chips adding a different texture and that slight fired taste to a simple banana ice cream. 


(Clockwise from top right corner) Guava, Rum Cake, Banana Chip, Black Sesame and Honey, Caramel Popcorn

Scoopalicious’ ice creams are organic, made with little sugar (most have jaggery), no preservatives nor added flavours. They have vanilla, tutti frutti and kesar pista flavours to cater to schoolkids who come specifically asking for those (scoops priced at Rs 30). The future will see milkshakes added to the menu. Look out for a Bailey’s and butterscotch flavours in February.    

Scoopalicious is situated opposite St Peter’s Church on Hill Road in Bandra; open from 12 pm to 12 am (Monday to Sunday); call 9820215086 



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