Short takes: Harry Potter bookmarks and more

Who doesn’t like unexpected gifts? In the beginning of this new year, I was contacted via my Instagram account by Manasai Deshpande (22) aka The Comical Cyanide. I’ve been following her for a few months and am in love with her quirky, playful characters and her simple but neat designs. She got in touch because she had just created a line of bookmarks and wanted to send some to people whose updates she liked. It was such a thoughtful gesture. 


I love everything Harry Potter-related!

Her gifts, a set of 5 bookmarks, came in an envelope with a handwritten note. My favourite was a bookmark of Sirius Black. Deshpande is currently working on an exclusive Harry Potter set using iconic lines and characters from the series. Till that comes around, check out her other characters  – a girl modeled on herself swimming in a glass of wine, rollerblading or just being Alice in Wonderland; and a tabby cat named Miss Nefer or Neferkitty. 

Her products cost Rs 200 to Rs 250 (prints), Rs 200 to Rs 525 (bookmark sets); Rs 95 (cards); Rs 295 (mugs); Follow The Comical Cyanide 



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