Mag St Bread Co: Dough good

It was a thing of beauty: a round, bowl-like bread, heavy in weight but soft at the touch. It had lines carved into it, a weathered, beaten look and a dusting of flour – the white providing a stark contrast with the dark, caramel-ly crust. The hard shell revealed a softer, mildly sour bread inside. This was the Mag St Sourdough Loaf (Rs 350), one of the products of Mag St. Bread Co.


If you follow head baker Rachelle Andrade’s Instagram feed, you will know that this is one of their specialty products, one that she takes immense pride in baking.  

Mag St. Bread Co. (MSBC), the bakery arm of Magazine St Kitchen, launched their first retail space in November last year, at the entrance of Le Sutra hotel, next to the new Out of the Blue. I visited them soon after their launch. Spoilt for choice, I tried one of everything and walked out with paper bags filled with baked goodies and wishing I could go on a picnic. 


The Almond Croissant (Rs 125) was a sweet but delicious overdose of almonds, from the crunchy slivered nuts on the top to the frangipani spread on the inside. Of the four Pullman Loaves, the Brioche Pullman Loaf (Rs 150) was a soft, buttery bread with the darkest crust. It tasted good plain or just dipped into my evening tea.

From the Viennoiserie section, I tried the Cruffin with Vanilla Custard (Rs 125) and Kouign Amann (Rs 125). The Cruffin was a favourite, that hybrid of a croissant and muffin hybrid, stuffed with sweet, creamy custard and dusted with sugar. It was sweet, but not overpoweringly so. The Kouign Amann was a roundish crusty bread containing layers of butter and sugar folded in to create a melt in the mouth, crumbly texture and flavour. The Roasted Tomato Foccacia (Rs 70) had a hint of sourness from the roasted tomato and a faint garlicky aftertaste. Every mouthful was a fresh burst of tomatoes.


 Every ingredient used in the bread is locally sourced. The shelf life is 48 hours (not refrigerated) preferably wrapped in butter paper; the sweeter breads have a shorter shelf life. Give us this day our daily bread, indeed.

Mag St Bread Co is located at Out of the Blue, Union Park, Khar (W); open from 9 am to 1 am or till stocks run out; log on to  


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