Pussies galore: Cat Café in Budapest

Why would someone who isn’t fond of cats enter a café dedicated to them? Curiosity, I say, and it didn’t harm me or the cats.

cat blog 2

cat blog

Budapest has a Cat Café, and a Cat Pub (by the same owners) which surprised me considering all I saw, everywhere, on my visit there were dogs. The café is home to a dozen fluffy felines, who will wander about aimlessly, tails brushing against you and just out of reach hands itching to pet them. The café rules, handed over with the menu, are simple: you don’t bother the cats unless they come to you. The menu also comes with detailed information about the cats present there. You can admire them from afar, or with special permission, feed them treats (you’ve to order them off the menu). 

The feline wonderland had 14 gorgeous creatures, curled up on cushions, on plush beds and scratching posts and shelves. The cafe has huge rooms, one of which serves as the cats’ playground, so the animals have plenty of places to hide. Don’t be surprised if one, Pongo, jumps at you when you enter the bathroom. He loves the sinks in there, and will sneak up behind you to drink water when you open the tap.  


It’s a good place to go and take a paws. Sip on their selection of coffee (it comes decorated with cat paws) and munch on their cakes, served on cat-themed plates, while trying to ignore the hungry eyes that follow your every move. 

Note: The staff is unfriendly but the cats are adorable. The place is not recommended for people who have fur allergies, and hate cats.   

Cat Café Budapest is located on Révay utca 3 (closest landmark is St Stephen’s Cathedral); it is open from 10am to 9 pm; log on to catcafebudapest.hu/.