My good name and other stories

Welcome to this Lobo’s lair.

For far too long, my writing has been restricted to daily jottings in my diary, bills and accounts, Instagram captions and of course, stories and news reports for work. Yes, the only reason I joined journalism was because I liked writing and thought the profession would help me build that skill and help me meet and learn from new and interesting people. I should’ve known better.

I do now.

Now, my writing has come out of the proverbial closet and is ready to show its true colours.

There will be a lot of food – I like to eat around; travel stories; interviews of some of the fascinating people I meet because of work and otherwise (Tinder, too!); community stories – we minorities have to stick together; stories from my home – Goa (yes, I am lucky) and my award-winning point-and-shoot photography.  Oh, and since I am a dog-love and parent to Sofie, expect some cute dog pictures too, like this one.


My life changed when this little furball entered it. I love her to bits.

PS: Brickbats, comments, improvements, gold, frankincense and myrrh are all welcome.